Close up shot of colourful Biryani with cucumber raita.

Hyderabadi Biryani

This post has been over three years in the making! It all started when I travelled to Hyderabad, India for a business trip in 2015. I was a few months into a new role as Creative Director, and it was my first visit to India. I was super excited to meet my design team as…

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Beef Bone Broth Soup with-Cream-of-Wheat Dumpings

Beef Bone-broth with Cream of Wheat Dumplings

Rich and savoury beef broth with fluffy cream of wheat dumplings add up to pure comfort in a bowl. This recipe packs a two-for-one punch: make the broth recipe, use part of it for the dumpling soup, and then freeze the rest to use later as your very own personal stash of beef stock. It…

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Hearty and delicious, a tomato broth with lot of fresh vegetables and sausage

Italian Potato-Sausage Soup

A hearty meal with a healthy dose of veggies, this Italian Potato-Sausage Soup is one of the first recipes I ever made. I remember the first time I tried it, I confused a clove of garlic with a head of garlic, so I used 2 whole heads of garlic by mistake! The result, while rather…

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