A bowl of beef goulash with rich gravy.

Beef Goulash

There is no hiding behind tomato paste, vegetables or other flavours. This is a purists’ goulash where all of the rich colour and flavour come from beautifully seared beef, caramelized onions, plus Paprika, and that’s it. This classic recipe is incredibly simple and requires only a few ingredients. I’ll get into the secret to mastering…

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Paella with lobster, chicken and shrimp

Paella with chicken, lobster and shrimp

Confession: I don’t really love Paella. Rather, I’m completely head over heels for Socarrat, the crispy, toasted, heavenly bits of rice that form at the bottom of the Paella pan when it’s cooked just right. Getting the Socarrat perfect is my primary goal when making this dish—though the accompanying spicy Chorizo, sweet lobster and juicy…

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Close up shot of colourful Biryani with cucumber raita.

Hyderabadi Biryani

This post has been over three years in the making! It all started when I travelled to Hyderabad, India for a business trip in 2015. I was a few months into a new role as Creative Director, and it was my first visit to India. I was super excited to meet my design team as…

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